• 11 Things to know before visiting Masjid An Nabawi, Madeenah for the first time
    Though Visiting Masjid an Nabawi in Madīnah is not a part of ‘Umrah, It is encouraged for a believer to visit Masjid an-Nabawee in general and It is from among the Sunnah to visit the grave of the Prophet صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم and his companions  رضي الله عنهم.  But the primary intention of the journey should be […]
  • 15 Things to avoid in Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country with a rich culture and history. However, it’s also a conservative society that can be difficult to navigate for first-time visitors. Here are the things to avoid in Saudi Arabia 1. Don’t criticize the Saudi government, King, Crown Prince or the country 2. Don’t take pictures of the Saudi […]
  • 3 Acts of Kindness a Muslim can show to a non-Muslim
    1- Invite them to Allah The first thing is to invite them to Allah and clarify to them the reality of Islam as much as the person is able, based upon their knowledge and insight. This is the greatest act of kindness and the most important act of kindness. 2- Don’t Oppress them It is […]
  • 3 Ways to Translate Websites from Arabic to English
    If you’re new to Saudi Arabia and the Arabic language, navigating websites in Arabic can be daunting and overwhelming. However, there’s no need to worry! With a simple change in language settings, you can easily switch any website from Arabic to English. In this post, we’ll walk you through different methods to change website language […]
  • 4 Easy Ways to Check Iqama Expiry Date Online in Saudi Arabia
    The Iqama is the ID issued to expat workers in Saudi Arabia to allow them to live and work there. Iqama expiry dates can be checked through an Absher account or even without one on the Wazarat Amal website. This article explains four different ways one can check the Iqama expiry date. How to Check […]
  • 5 Conditions to Issue Final Exit Visas
    Announcement According to a recent announcement by Jawazaat, Applicants who seek final exit visas must adhere to the following conditions. They must ensure that 1- There should be no vehicle registered in applicant’s name. 2- They Should fully settle all the financial dues owed to others. 3- There should be no Unused visa registered under […]
  • 7 Reasons to Settle in Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country with an immense cultural heritage. The country is home to over 34 million people, and is a member of the United Nations. Saudi Arabia is also a major oil producer. Over the past few decades, the country has invested heavily in the development of its infrastructure. As a result, […]
  • 8 Myths about Saudi Arabia Busted
    It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia is a country with a lot of myths surrounding it. Some of these myths are false, while others have been perpetuated by the media or other people who haven’t had the chance to see the country for themselves. In this article, we have listed some of the most common […]
  • A step-by-step guide to travel from Saudi to Dubai by Road
    The Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates border is 457 km in length and runs from the Persian Gulf coast in the west to the tripoint with Oman in the east.[1. Saudi Arabia – The World Factbook (] Citizens, residents and Visitors in Saudi Arabia can enter UAE from Saudi Arabia via this land border which is […]
  • Best Course to Learn Arabic Online
    The Ibn Al-Qayyim Center for Islamic Knowledge & Legal Consultation has opened registrations for its Tamheedi Program for Learning the Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences for non-native speakers under the supervision of Dr. Khalid ibn Dhawi Al-Dhafiri, who is a Scholar upon the Sunnah and right methodology in Al Qasr, Kuwait. Under the Tamheedi Program, […]
  • Best Websites for Non Muslims and Muslims to Take Knowledge from
    List of Best Websites for Non Muslims and Muslims to Take Knowledge from BENEFICIAL WEBSITES English Masājid and Marākiz USA | Masjid Tawḥīd wa-Sunnah – Durham, | First Muslim Mosque (1MM) – | Masjid as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah | Germantown Masjid – | Masjid Ahlul Qur’an Wal Hadeeth – Washington | Masjid […]
  • Celebrating National Day/Independence Day in Islam
    Celebrating National Day and Independence Day are not legislated in Islam. They were brought about by the customs and practices of the disbelievers and it is a must to avoid them. Scholars such as Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen and Shaykh Saleh Al Fawzaan warned against these celebrations. Let’s look at what each of them have said […]
  • Check Bus Ticket Prices from SAPTCO
    Bus Ticket Price List from and To Saudi Cities Although ticket prices vary from time to time and depending upon if the tickets are refundable or not, we have listed down tentative ticket prices from and to major places in Saudi Arabia The SAPTCO Bus ticket price from and to are as below: From To […]
  • Convert Saudi Riyal to Indian Rupees
    ⚡ Live Updates The SAR to INR exchange rate equals as of 1 SAR = ₹ ℹ Currency Information INR – Indian Rupee Our currency rankings show that the most popular Indian Rupee exchange rate is the INR to USD rate. The currency code for Indian Rupees is INR. The currency symbol is ₹. More Indian Rupee info﹥ […]
  • Digital Iqamah – Everything You need to know
    On January 06 2021, The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) launched the digital version of Muqeem ID to be available on the Ministry of Interior’s new electronic application “Absher Individuals” under the name of “Muqeem Digital ID” or Resident Digital ID,. The digital ID aims to help expatriates escape the fine for not carrying their […]
  • Don’t try to enter these places during Hajj Season without Permit
    Saudi Arabia announced that anyone who tries to enter Makkah Grand Mosque, the central area around it and the sites (Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat) without a permit, starting from 05 July 2021 (11/25/1442 AH) until 24 July 2021 (End of 13th of Dhul-Hijjah) will be fined SAR 10,000 (INR 2 LAKHS), and in the event of […]
  • Driving License can now be accessed Digitally
    The General Department of Traffic has launched an electronic version of the driving license through the Ministry of Interior’s online application “Absher Individuals” and the “Tawakkalna” applications. The electronic driving license includes a QR Code, affirming that the drivers can keep a copy of it on the smartphones and use it without the need for an internet connection. Recently, […]
  • Eid Milad Celebration in Saudi Arabia
    Origin of Eid Milad Eid Milad or Meelad Shareef or Mawlid An-Nabi is not legislated in Islam. It is not prescribed in the Quran. It was not celebrated by the Prophet ﷺ . It was not Celebrated by the Sahaabah (The righteous Companions of the Prophet ﷺ – Radhiallahu Anhum – May Allah be pleased […]
  • English Translation of Saudi Iqama: How to Get it Online
    Saudi Arabia is an Arab country, and Arabic is the official language spoken by its citizens. Therefore, the documents and paperwork used in Saudi Arabia, including the Iqama, or residence permit, are typically written in Arabic. The Original Saudi Iqama or resident permit looks like this: How to Get English Version of Saudi Iqama Online […]
  • Extra Stores offers SAR 500 Off When you trade in your Old Laptop – Offer Expires Soon!
    If you have an old used laptop that you were probably thinking useless because of it’s slow processing power and an outdated operating system, it’s now time for an upgrade. Gift yourself a brand new laptop from Extra stores with a whopping SAR 500 Discount when you trade in your old laptop. The offer is […]
  • Fahas Online Appointment for Vehicle MVPI in Saudi Arabia
    Wondering how to book a Saudi Vehicle MVPI Appointment online? It is best to book an appointment before visiting the Fahas station in Saudi Arabia for fast and hassle-free service. This blog post guides you through the simple steps of booking Car Fahas Inspection through the Vehicles Safety Center Platform. Steps to Book a Fahas Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection MVPI Appointment […]
  • Free Extension of Iqamah, Exit Re-Entry Visas, Visit Visas in Saudi Arabia until 31 January 2022
    As part of the efforts of the Kingdom to deal with the effects of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Saudi Arabia announced Free Extension of Iqamah, Exit Re-Entry Visas, Visit Visas in Saudi Arabia until 31 January 2022 automatically without fees or financial compensation in the countries from which entry has been suspended. ALSO READ Travel directly […]
  • GOSI Registration | Appointment, Experience Certificate Online
    GOSI or General Organization for Social Insurance is an organization in Saudi Arabia that manages its social insurance programs. GOSI provides services to a wide range of individuals, including employees, employers, retired personnel, and others. This article details Procedure to register in GOSI, Extract Work Experience Certificates from GOSI Register in GOSI Online: 2 Methods Expats […]
  • Here’s Android devices are better than iOS devices
    Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems around. It is  developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are a number of reasons why you should buy an android device instead of an IPhone, which runs on iOS. 1- Customization, Widgets and Skins Android devices let you […]
  • Hidden Code in Saudi Driving License | Eye Glasses, Hearing Aid
    If you have a Saudi driving license, it’s most likely that you haven’t noticed the restriction code on the front of your card. In fact, understanding the specific meanings of each restriction code is very important and may assist you in avoiding any traffic fines that may be imposed due to your ignorance. The driving […]
  • Hindu Temple in Saudi Arabia: All you need to know
    Introduction: Hindu Population in Saudi Arabia According to 2020 Demographics research by Pew Research Center USA, Followers of the Hindu religion form about 1.3% of the total population of Saudi Arabia [1. Religions in Saudi Arabia | PEW-GRF (]. This equals to around 451,347 Hindus residing in Saudi Arabia, most of whom are Indians and Nepalis. […]
  • How can a Muslim make up for missed Salah?
    Question: How can the Muslim make up for the Salah (Prayer) he missed, such as the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer? If it is Jahri Salah (Prayer recited audibly), should he perform it as so? Guide us, may Allah bless you! Answer: If Missed out of Forgetfulness If one misses obligatory Salah, he must hasten to perform […]
  • How do I Identify Real Zamzam water from the fake one?
    Zamzam is noble and blessed water. The Prophet (sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam) said the following about Zamzam water: “Indeed it is blessed, and that like food, it fills.”[1.(Muslim no. 2473)] “And a cure for illness.”[2.(Abu Dawud At-Tiyalsi 2nd Volume no. 61)]. So these ahaadeeths prove its virtues, that it is a filling food, a cure for […]
  • How Indians can buy a Land in Saudi Arabia
    One of the world’s largest economies, the oil-rich – with the untapped potential of its vast lands, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an attractive option for Indians to invest in real estate. Now that Indian residents can legally own a real estate property in Saudi Arabia, this short guide details the conditions and procedures that […]
  • How Large is Saudi Arabia? – 6 Facts about Saudi Arabia you need to know
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is also known as Al-Mamlakah al-ʿArabiyyah al-Suʿūdiyyah in Arabic is the largest country in the Middle East, with an area of 2.24 million sq. km. (nearly 2/3rd the size of India), is the 14th largest country in the world. One-third of Saudi Arabia is desert, which includes a major portion […]
  • How to Activate Absher Online using Bank Account
    How to Activate Absher using AlAlhli or SNB Account Online You can activate Absher service through AlAhliMobile, AlAhliOnline from anywhere at your convenience, or via AlAhli ATM. You will no longer need to visit an Absher Activation Kiosks to activate the service. After activation, you will be immediately able to log in to Absher website […]
  • How to Apply Exit Re Entry Visa Online via Absher
    In this guide, we discuss simple 3 stage procedure to apply Exit Re entry Visa Online Re Entry Visa – Single vs Multiple Re Entry Resident expatriates in Saudi Arabia require an exit re-entry visa in order to leave the kingdom temporarily. Exit re-entry visas are issued electronically through the Absher or Muqeem. There are two types of […]
  • How to apply for Bahrain Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia
    In this article, we have explained the Prerequisites, Bahrain Visit Visa Fees and a Quick guide on How to apply for Bahrain Visit visa or eVisa through the Official Portal of Kingdom of Bahrain, Ministry of Interior Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs (NPRA) ? Pre-requisites: Documents Checklist Copy of Passport First and Last Page (Validity […]
  • How to Apply Umrah Visa Online using Nusuk
    In this article, We have a detailed step-by-step guide to Applying for Umrah Visa Online for Indians or any foreigner who wishes to perform Umrah using Nusuk, the new system for applying umrah visa. The Umrah visa cannot be directly applied via Saudi Hajj Ministry Website. You must use one of the approved Umrah service […]
  • How to Book Police Clearance Certificate Appointment in India
    In this brief guide, we have detailed step by step procedure to obtain Appointment for Police Clearance certificate online. Step by Step Procedure to get PCC Appointment Online Visit Passport Seva Online and Register Login to Passport Seva Online Apply Police Clearance Certficate Enter Your Passport Details. Select Your Destination Country, Reason as Employment/Work Permit […]
  • How to check and Verify CR number online in Saudi Arabia
    CR Number: Commercial Registration Number The Commercial Registration Number, commonly known as CR Number is a 10 digit code that is included in the Commercial registration certificate provided by Wizarat Tijara or Ministry of Commerce, Saudi Arabia. It serves as a unique identification number that is assigned by the Ministry to any business operating in […]
  • How to Check Car Fahas Validity Online
    A Beginners guide to Checking Car Fahas Validity Online [ With Images] Frequently Asked Questions related to Car Fahas
  • How to check eligibility for Hajj through Absher?
    Local Hajj Only once in five years A Saudi Citizen or Iqama holder is allowed to perform Hajj only once in 5 years. For example, if you have performed Hajj in Hijri year 2021, you will be eligible for the next Hajj in the year 2026. Check Hajj Eligibility In order to check Hajj eligibility […]
  • How to Check Family Visit Visa Status Online
  • How to Check GAMCA/Wafid Medical Status
  • How to check if you have Huroob (Absconding) Status on Your Iqama
    Huroob is a term used in Saudi Arabia to refer to a worker who has absconded from their job or is in violation of the country’s labor laws. To check your huroob status, you will need to contact the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia Check Iqama Huroob status online To check […]
  • How to Check Iqama Color Status
    Are you wondering about your Iqama color status? Checking it is easy on the MOL KSA (Ministry of Labor and Social Development) website. In this article, we’ll explain what Iqama color status mean, and show you how to check it in few simple steps. Understanding Iqama Color Status Iqama color status refers to the Nitaqat […]
  • How to check Muroor Traffic Fine Online
    In this short guide, we have listed step by step guide to check Muroor Traffic fine online.
  • How to Check Saudi Visit Visa Insurance Status, Expiry, Policy Number Online
    Saudi Arabia requires visitors to have current health insurance in order to apply for and renew their visas. You can check the status and visit the visa insurance expiry date on the CCHI website. Follow these 3 steps: 1- Visit CCHI website: 2- Fill in your Passport Number. Enter the Code as shown in image. 3- You can see all of the information about your insurance policy, which is connected to your visitor visa.
  • How to Check Saudi Visit Visa Stamping Status
    The Saudi visit visa stamping locations in India are in Mumbai and New Delhi. Outside India, Indians can stamp their visit visas in more than 90 countries listed at the bottom of this post. Procedure to Check Stamping Status By providing a Saudi Visit Visa Stamp, The Saudi Government wants you to agree and declare […]
  • How to Check the Expiry Date of Your Saudi Driving License
    It is essential to regularly check the validity of your driving license to avoid any potential problems or penalties. By knowing the expiration date of your license, you can make sure that it remains valid and avoid any legal issues that may arise from driving with an expired license. There are several ways to check […]
  • How to Check Vehicle Accident History
    Mojaz is an advanced service that offers details on used cars starting from the date of arrival into the Kingdom.  By gathering trustworthy data on a used vehicle from many reliable data sources, the Mojaz service is intended to assist purchasers who wish to buy used cars. Using Mojaz Website, you can get Basic report of vehicle data and specifications Check Vehicle Maintenance and repair record Check Vehicle Insurance Records. Check Vehicle Accident History. Check Vehicle Accident Images. Check Car Odometer Check Fahas history Recommended: Get Saudi Driving License Procedure to Check Vehicle Accident History Visit […]
  • How to Check Your Hajj Insurance Status Online
    Are you planning on taking part in the Hajj this year? One of the most important things to ensure before you depart is that your Hajj insurance is valid and up to date. Fortunately, checking the status of your insurance is now easy and convenient thanks to the Council of Health Insurance (CCHI) website. In […]
  • How to Download COVID Vaccine Certificate in Saudi Arabia
    In this brief guide, we have detailed the procedure to download COVID vaccine certificate in Saudi Arabia from Sehhaty Application COVID Vaccine certificate for Citizens and Residents Download Sehaty Application from either PlayStore or iTunes. Login to your account. Click on the “COVID-19 Vaccine” button. On the new page, select the option “Medical Report“. That’s it. The system will show […]
  • How to Extend Expired or Unused Visit visa for Free?
    Announcement Those visitors to Saudi Arabia whose Visas have been stamped and was unused or expired after 02 February 2021 due to a travel ban imposed because of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic can extend the validity of their visit visas free of cost until 30 November 2021 using the following link Link to Extend Expire […]
  • How to Extend Family Visit Visa
    Those on Family visit visa have a limited duration of stay permitted in Saudi Arabia beyond which, if not extended, they will be Penalized. Solution 1 – Extend Visit Visa via Absher Tawasul Online Maximum Possible Extension: 1 Month Difficulty Level: Very Easy Cost of Visa Extension: ~ SAR 150 per Passport (Insurance + SADAD […]
  • How to Get a Birth Certificate in Saudi
    Congratulations on the birth of your newborn baby. You have just welcomed your little-one to your beautiful family. While you enjoy playing with your newborn on one side, it is important on the other side that you quickly start focusing on the documentation works related to your Baby. The first and most important of them is to Obtain a Birth Certificate for your baby.
  • How to Get a Saudi Driving License
    Saudi driving licenses are issued by the Traffic Department of Saudi Arabia, Muroor. It grants the owner the right to drive a motor vehicle on public roads in the Kingdom. To get your Saudi driving license, you need to follow a few easy steps and provide the correct documents. Read this in-depth guide to learn […]
  • How to get Efada Medical report for Saudi Driving License
    To apply Saudi license or renew Saudi driving license, you must perform medical test from a Hospital that has been approved by Efada. Once you successfully pass the medical test, you will be able to get efada medical report updated in Absher. In this article, we have described the procedure to perform Medical test and […]
  • How to get GAMCA Appointment for Medical Test
  • How to Get Newborn baby Passport in Saudi Arabia
    Once you have successfully obtained the birth certificate for your newborn baby, it is now time to apply for a Passport. Every Child born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Indian parent(s) is required to be registered with the Embassy of India
  • How to get your Saudi Post National Address
    National address registration is mandatory for all citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia. It is important to open a bank account or to register a personal mobile Sim in the kingdom. You can register your Saudi Post national address by visiting the Saudi Post website (SPL Online). In this article, we have described the procedure to create, manage, and print Saudi Post […]
  • How to Link PAN Card with Aadhar card for Indian expats in Saudi Arabia?
    As the deadline to link Aadhar card and PAN card for non residential Indians in Saudi Arabia is getting close, Indian Expats in Saudi Arabia must take care to ensure that their Aadhar and PAN documents are linked to avoid any potential penalty. In this guide, we have detailed the simple 5 minute process to […]
  • How to Login Absher Online
    A Beginners guide to Login Absher Online [ With Images] Recommended: What should I wear in Saudi Arabia? Frequently Asked Questions related to Absher Platform
  • How to Pay Exit Re Entry fees Online
    The exit-re-entry visa enables foreign nationals who live in Saudi Arabia to transit the country. An exit re-entry visa requires payment of the visa fee in order to be issued. This page outlines the Procedure to pay exit re entry fees online  Pay Exit Re Entry Visa Fees Online – SABB Bank Pay Exit Re Entry Visa Fees Online – Al Rajhi Bank Here’s how to pay exit re-entry visa fee via Al Rajhi Bank’s mobile app or online banking. Login to the AlRajhi online banking. Select the “Payments“. […]
  • How to perform the Funeral (Janaaza) prayer?
    In both The Sacred Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, Janazah prayer is conducted after almost every congregational prayer. Learn this prayer before you leave for The Holy Land so that there will be greater depth to your participation in this prayer. The procedure to perform Funeral prayer could be explained in 5 […]
  • How to Register Absher Account Online
    Also Checkout our guide on How to Login Absher Absher Self Registration Activation Machines with Google Maps Location We have listed down some of the Absher Self Registration machines’ locations in cities of Saudi Arabia including Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar, Makkah, Taif, Jazan and Hofuf. City Google Maps Location Riyadh Malaz Passports Jawazat Riyadh Riyadh […]
  • How to Successfully Apply for a MOFA Family Visit Visa
    If You are a Resident or a Citizen of Saudi Arabia, You can bring your family on a visit visa through MOFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • How to Travel from Saudi to Qatar by Road
    The Saudi Arabia-Qatar border is 87 km long and runs from the Gulf of Bahrain coast in the west to the Persian Gulf coast in the east.[1. Wikpedia] Citizens, residents, and visitors in Saudi Arabia can enter Qatar from Saudi Arabia via this land border, which is at a place called Salwa Port. In this article, we […]
  • How to: New Saudi Visa Stamping at VFS
    If your Saudi family visit visa has expired in your passport or is going to expire very soon, you don’t need to return back to India to get a new visa and come back to Saudi Arabia. You can visit and obtain a Saudi Visa Stamp through the International VFS Centers in countries including UAE, […]
  • India to Saudi Arabia Direct Flight Booking Now Open!
    After an extensive ban of flights from India to Saudi Arabia for over a year, Saudi authorities are finally allowing Indian nationals who have travelled to India after receiving both doses of the vaccine in Saudi Arabia to return to the Kingdom directly without need for quarantine in a third country. Air India Express recently […]
  • Is Hajj and Umrah Leave Paid as per Saudi Labor Law?
    Hajj Leave As per article 114 of Saudi Labor Law, a worker is entitled to avail 10 to 15 days of Hajj leave instead of just 4 days vacation of Eid-ul-Adha vacation. The following are the conditions set by the Saudi Labor Law Hajj leaves can be taken only once during the period of service […]
  • Istimara Renewal Fees and Procedure in Saudi Arabia
    Istimara for a car is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance and Istimara renewal needs to be done every 3 years before its expiry. Failing to present an upto date Istimara upon request may incur a penalty on the individual
  • Kafala System and Iqamah in Saudi Arabia Explained
    Kafala System in Saudi Arabia If you ever plan to come to work in Saudi Arabia, it is very important that you understand the Kafala System, or sponsorship system, in Saudi Arabia. Kafala or Kafeel system is a system followed in Saudi Arabia for regulating employment of expatriate workers. Any expatriate worker entering the Kingdom […]
  • Male and Female Dress Code in Saudi Arabia
    The Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country, and so there are expectations for how visitors should dress. It is important that the foreign visitors and expats respect the culture and adhere to an existing male and female dress code of Saudi Arabia. The public decorum regulation which came into force on Nov. 2, 2019 defines […]
  • MOFA Appointment for Document Attestation
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has provided an “appointment” to verify the documents. This facility is available on the Foreign Office website.
  • Muqeem Exit Re Entry Visa Check Online in Saudi Arabia
    Exit re-entry visa (known as Khurooj awdah Visa) enables you to exit from the kingdom and return back within the duration specified in it. In this brief guide, we have discussed procedure to check exit re entry visa online
  • Muroor Appointment for Saudi Driving License
    If you are looking to get a Saudi Driving License, It is mandatory to book online Muroor appointment at the driving school via Absher electronic platform. The Traffic Police or Muroor appointment for Saudi Driving License can be booked in 9 Simple Steps as listed below. Login to your Absher account, Verify OTP. Choose “Appointments” […]
  • Number of Indian workers will be limited to only 40% in Saudi Arabia
    Maximum Limit of Indian Workers Set The Qiwa online portal of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has set maximum limit of workers for 4 nationalities including India. It means that the number of workers from that particular nationality in a company cannot exceed the prescribed percentage of total workers. The maximum limit […]
  • Praying with shoes on: Great crime or an Abandoned Sunnah?
    One of the conditions which must be met before starting to pray is to make sure that one’s body and clothes and the place in which the Muslim is going to pray are all clean and free of impurities. It was narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that he […]
  • Pregnancy on Visit Visa – A Detailed Guide
    If you suspect you might be pregnant, you can buy a pregnancy kit over the counter from any pharmacy to find out for sure. These kits cost around SAR 20. If the test is positive, it’s time to book an appointment for your urine and blood tests.
  • Procedure to get Saudi Visa for UAE, Qatar, Kuwait Residents
    Following the announcement from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism, the Kingdom now provides e-Visas for GCC residents, including those in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman. GCC residents can perform Umrah using this tourist visa. In this article, we have explained a step-by-step guide to obtaining a Saudi visa for UAE residents (or GCC […]
  • Procedure to Perform Eid Qurbani (Sacrifice or Udhiya) in Saudi Arabia
    As Eid Al Adha or the Eid of Sacrifice is approaching, It is befitting that every Muslim is educated with the rulings and guides related to performing Eid Qurbani or Eid Sacrifice or Udhiyah on the day of Eid. This article provides the detailed procedure to perform Eid Qurbani. For your convenience, the article is […]
  • Redbull Sim | Recharge, Balance Check, Internet Packages
    This article explains how to check your Redbull Mobile Sim Balance, How to Contact Customer Care and How to recharge Redbull Mobile Number in multiple different ways in Saudi Arabia Redbull Mobile Sim Balance Check in KSA 1. How to Check Redbull Mobile Balance [USSD Code] Dial *588# on your mobile phone to check your Mobile […]
  • Salam Mobile | Recharge, Balance Check, Customer Care
    This article explains how to check your Salam Mobile Balance, How to Contact Customer Care and How to recharge Salam Mobile Number in multiple different ways. Salam Mobile Balance Check 1. How to Check Salam Mobile Balance [USSD Code] Dial *103# on your mobile phone to check your Mobile Balance, Internet and Data Balance 2. Check […]
  • Saudi Arabia bans working under direct sun for 3 Months
    Saudi’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has announced the move to ban mid-day working amidst rising temperature during this Summer. Workers in Saudi Arabia will not be allowed to work under the direct exposure of sun for three months. The employers must ensure that their workers stay out of the sun between noon […]
  • Saudi Citizenship for Indians, Expats and Foreigners: Full guide
    Citizenship in Saudi Arabia is governed by the Saudi Arabian Nationality Law. Unless you were born to Saudis or were born in the kingdom, obtaining citizenship in the country is a challenging task. It is nearly impossible if your parents are expatriates and foreigners are rarely granted citizenship in the country. However, in this article, […]
  • Saudi Labor Law: Can I combine sick leave with annual leave?
    In this article, We have covered some of the questions related to sick leave if you can combine sick leave with annual leave, the total number of sick leaves a year, if your employer can terminate you during your illness and . The Saudi Labor law and its executive regulations are in existence to preserve […]
  • Saudi Railway Train Ticket Price List
    Train Ticket Price- Riyadh, Dammam, Hofuf Saudi North Railway line passes through Majmaah, Qassim, Hail, Jouf and Qurayyat. The east line connects the capital Riyadh to Dammam through Al-Ahsa and Abqaiq . Although ticket prices vary from time to time, we have listed down tentative one way ticket prices from and to major places in […]
  • Supplicating for the parents during Taraweeh prayer.
    Supplicating for the parents during Taraweeh prayer.
  • Tawakkalna App Registration and Login in India
    The Tawakkalna App was developed by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) in order to support government efforts aimed at countering Covid-19 works in a total of 74 countries including India. Tawakkalna Registration for Indians In order to access services of the tawakkalna App, users will need to register themselves on the app. […]
  • The Beard Challenge: Can you or Can you not leave the beard?
    If you are a Muslim and are reading this article, it is a challenge for you to grow your beard in accordance with the Prophet Muhammedﷺ ‘s hadith. If you’re a non-muslim, Start here Growing vs Shaving the Beard The Growing of the Beard Is 1-Obedience 2-Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ  Sunnah 3-The Human Fitrah 4-The Sunnah […]
  • Travel from India to Saudi Arabia via Bahrain
    India to Saudi Arabia Travel Requirements How to Travel from India to Saudi Arabia via Bahrain? The following are the pre-requisites before travelling to Saudi Arabia via Bahrain Indian Passport Bahrain Visa or On Arrival Visa for Iqamah Holders with Certain Professions (Check with GulfAir Customer Care)Apply E-Visa Here or through any Travel Agent India […]
  • Travel Plan from India to Saudi Arabia amid COVID-19 Flight ban
    While the Direct flights to and from Saudi Arabia to India are temporarily suspended, one can reach Saudi Arabia by fulfilling the Kingdom’s quarantine requirements of 14 days outside Saudi Arabia. We have listed some of the quarantine packages that may assist you to come to Saudi Arabia via different countries.
  • Yaqoot Sim | Order, Activate, Recharge
    Yaqoot Customer Care If for any reason you are facing any problems activating or Ordering the Sim, The easiest way to connect with Yaqoot Customer care is by opening the Yaqoot Phone application and pressing on “Help” Menu. This will enable you to Live Chat with Customer care. Describe your Issue and you’ll be asked […]
  • ?You can now use Tawakkalna App as your Digital Iqamah!.
    ?You can now use Tawakkalna App as your Digital Iqamah!. After the launching of Absher Individuals, a digital Muqeem ID platform, The Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) has now launched a digital identity project for the @TawakkalnaApp which aims to digitize identification documents. – The digital […]